Monday, June 8, 2009


This weekend brought with it many things. One of those things was watching the TONY awards with my mother, who is always (and, by and large, intentionally) hilarious, and that's probably a post all its own. It also brought with it the news that a good friend from college got engaged.

She is lovely, he seems great, and I'm sure they'll be very, very happy together. The feelings I have about them getting engaged are simple: happiness. The feelings I have that their engagement stirs up are a little more complicated. Their engagement means that, of the ten or twelve people I'm closest to, all but three are engaged, married, or married with children. That's.....over 70%. I don't know. It just brings out a funny little color on me. Lauren Hoffman: happy for you in a complicated way since 1983!

To wit (taken from a gChat conversation with Sarah):

Sarah: totally, i completely get that.
2:38 PM me: I mean, out of the people I'm closest to, now almost everyone is married or engaged
2:39 PM I'm celebrating by buying myself a special tool to cut biscuit dough
2:43 PM Sarah: haha so much better!
me: totally!
2:44 PM from the martha stewart collection!
I have such a complicated relationship with that collection. I tell you what.
2:45 PM Sarah: HAHA
me: "congratulations on your engagement, sara and joe! we love you. best, lauren and the martha stewart collection"

I just hope the collection will be available to escort me to the wedding, too. I'd ask my imaginary boyfriend Wyatt to take me, but he's pretty busy at work and/or bicycling around the country for children with disabilities.

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  1. So glad I could be a part of your pathetic 30%!