Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too soon?

Sarah: farrah fawcett was a BABE
me: I KNOW
I feel bad for her
because this [Michael Jackson's death] will steal her thunder
which is what I'm sure she cared about on her deathbed
Sarah: total babe
yeah, like when mother theresa died right after princess diana no one really cared.
me: you know, though, if any good comes out of this tragedy, it's that I'll no longer confuse farrah fawcett and goldie hawn
Sarah: is it innapropriate to write that on my facebook right now?
me: hahaha
I don't care if you do
Sarah: this morning when i heard the news i was like 'i loved her in On Golden Pond!'
me: hahahahhahaah
Sarah: and then i was informed that that was jane fonda
me: yeah, I worried all day about HOW KURT RUSSELL WAS TAKING IT. I'm probz gonna blog this whole dialog
yeah, please do

The disclaimer, of course, is that OBVIOUSLY her death is properly tragic, &c. And other than the abstract "he died and that's sad" (with a side order of sorrow about how he probably felt very, very alone), I don't have strong feelings about Michael Jackson's death. This is odd, given that I have strong feelings about basically everything else in the known universe. Huh.

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