Monday, January 4, 2010

Movie Monday #1

The rules of Movie Monday are very simple: see a movie each Monday in 2010, preferably in a theater. If I watch a movie at home, it has to be something I've never seen before -- no fair watching, say, Up Close and Personal for the 24th time. Short films are okay, but only if I'm in an absolute bind.

And, ohhhh, the hopes I had for this Monday -- I'd planned a post-work trip downtown to see either Sherlock Holmes or Up in the Air. The headache I've had FOR THE ENTIRETY of 2010 had other plans. I was back home from work and curled up in bed by 11 am and stayed parked for hours, keeping the lights dim, listening to This American Life, and dozing off. There are plenty of things on Netflix Online I'm dying to watch, but all of them require substantial thought (The Third Man and The Thin Blue Line are hopefully up next). Long story short: on the way home from the pharmacy, I stopped at the library in search of 102ish minutes of complete fluff.

There's no pretty way to say this, but Movie Monday #1 was Get Smart, starring Steve Carrell, Anne Hathaway, The Rock, Alan Arkin, and a bunch of people chosen for their "Oh, isn't that the guy from" factor alongside a bunch of people chosen for their apparent willingness to portray ethnic stereotypes.

It is important to note that I love Anne Hathaway beyond any reasonable measure. I will go to the mat in defense of her performance in Bride Wars, I have seen every stupid princess movie she's ever made (and the one not-so-stupid one), and if you don't recognize her performance in Rachel Getting Married as straight-up genius, um, we may not be friends anymore.

That said: this movie is basically what you'd expect. People get in and out of stuff in interesting ways. People fall out of airplanes and live. People try to kill other people in ridiculous ways. There is thinly veiled subterfuge. There is a REALLY FREAKING UNPLEASANT BIT with a rat. There is some dry, almost-funny-but-it's-just-not-quite humor. The age difference between Hathaway and Carell is explained away in the flimsiest manner possible so it's still super creepy when they kiss. A giant box falls on a car, which is always hilarious.

"Facts became known....identities were compromised....and.....I became a brunette."

It's completely watchable, a little ridiculous, and definitely forgettable.

Not a bad way to try and ride out a migraine.


  1. Yes! I love this idea! And way to watch Get Smart! I am jealous of your bravery.
    I just wanted to let you know that I watched "Bride Wars" the other day. I justifyed it by telling myself "Lauren loves Anne Hathaway, Lauren is so smart, I bet she would approve of this." Really. Honestly. Thank you.

  2. Aaah, so refreshing to hear from you again.

    I love Anne Hathaway, too. I keep meaning to put her Rachel movie in my queue, thanks for reminding me.