Monday, January 18, 2010

Movie Monday #3

Notes from a viewing of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (and, yes, I know I said I'd see a real movie in a real theater this week, but I didn't get off work until SEVEN -- otherwise known as like 11 hours after I GOT to work, and then I had to go to the stupid pharmacy, and then if I'd tried to sit in a theater I would have fantasized about my bed the whole time so CUT. ME. SOME. SLACK.) in roughly chronological order:

1. Oh, this is cute.
2. I like the way the characterizations rely heavily on strings of gerunds.
3. Wow, this is...long.
4. What's the deal with Anna Farris, anyway?
5. Yeah, still pretty long.
6. If a man built me a life-size Jello mold, I'd probably marry him on the spot.
7. Wait -- this is the HALFWAY POINT?
8. There should really be a key shown before every animated film that tells you which celebrities are doing the voices, because I spend more than half the movie playing "Wait, isn't that..."
9. There is a limit to the amount of life-sized food one can watch falling from the sky, and I hit that limit, oh, BACK IN THE CARTER ADMINISTRATION WHEN I STARTED WATCHING THIS MOVIE.
10. Wait, anaphalactic shock jokes? Are we allowed to joke about that now?
11. I like this movie just slightly less than I'd like to be asleep. In fact, that's probably the litmus test for every experience for my life from here on out: would I rather be doing this, or asleep?

Cute, overall. But man -- you have to be SOOOO GOOOD for me to like you when I'm this tired. Also, I was overwhelmed by the bright colors and occasional loud noises. I am aging. Or possibly regressing to babydom.

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