Monday, March 16, 2009

It has become abundantly clear that I need another venue in which to run my mouth about myself.

I've been unemployed for all of *A* day (let alone many days) and am, to put it delicately, bored out of my freaking mind.

To give you a sense of the scope of my "just keeping busy" activities, I am currently soaking my bathtub in a mixture of baking soda, bleach, and hot water, to remove those pesky stains ONCE AND FOR ALL. I also spent a lot of time today refreshing my library account online to see if any of the books I have on hold had arrived. I organized my dvds. I soaked, washed, and dried my dishes. I went to the grocery and dollar stores. I planned tomorrow's baking. I beat Bubble Shooter.

The paradox of this time in my life is that I have absolutely nothing to say, and vast acres of time in which to say it.

Oh! Here's something. A few weeks ago I found a bone chip in my Foster Farms dinosaur shaped chicken nugget while I was eating lunch at my desk (1. I used to have a desk, goddamnit; 2. Yes, I eat like I'm five). I kept meaning to send them an email, and I used the waning moments I had at my desk (I MISS YOU DESK NEVER FORGET ME) to shoot one off. I got a return phone call from them ninety minutes later. Nicely done, Foster Farms! I finally returned their call today, and they will be sending me an unspecified amount of coupons for my troubles. I'm hoping it will amount to "free chicken for life." I am nothing if not reasonable and just.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I plan to blog about such things as "which page I did in my French in Ten Minutes a Day workbook." Get excited.

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