Monday, May 11, 2009

I Would Like To Talk About My Pudding Now

On the advice of my psychiatrist, I've all but stopped consuming caffeine. This is why I was so elated to find Caffeine-Free Pepsi by the bottle in rural Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago:

But my psychiatrist has also dispensed this little pearl of wisdom: "If you are in a bad place, and there's something you can do that is safe and will make you feel better, you should go ahead and do it. " It's advice that's maybe a little unconventional but so damn wise. I don't know why the idea of being kind to myself seems so revolutionary to me, but it does. So. That. Anyway, I've been going from smooth water to rapids pretty easily now and that makes me sad and worn out. And there's something that fails to make it okay but always, always makes it better.

Pick up a tub. Or four, as I did this afternoon. You will not be sorry.

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