Monday, May 11, 2009

Let's Just Lay It All Out There

The following is an almost-but-not-quite-close-to-comprehensive list of the current contents of my ipod shuffle, Reggie Red. It should be noted that there are some items that are non-negotiable ipod standards (Pink Moon, Abbey Road, &c.) and some items that are capriciously rotated in and out.

Podcasts: Three episodes of This American Life, one episode of Daily Power Nap

Full-length compliations made for me by others: The 25 Mix, Maudlin for Maudlin, The Sarah Butler Songs

Full Albums:
*Abbey Road (The Beatles)
*Armchair Apochrypha (Andrew Bird)
*Begin to Hope (Regina Spektor)
*The Best of Leonard Cohen (Leonard Cohen)
*Breakout (Miley Cyrus)
*Challengers (The New Pornographers)
*The Chaos in Order (Let's Go Sailing)
*Dark Was the Night -- compilation cd with Ben Gibbard, The Decemberists, Iron and Wine, etc.
*The Execution of All Things (Rilo Kiley)
*Figure 8 (Elliott Smith)
*Funeral (Arcade Fire)
*The Hazards of Love (The Decemberists)
*I Am Not Afraid Of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (Yo La Tengo)
*In Our Bedroom After the War (Stars)
*Middle Cyclone (Neko Case)
*MTV Unplugged in New York (Nirvana)
*Music for Tourists (Chris Garneau)
*Neon Bible (Arcade Fire)
*Next to Normal (Arena Stage bootleg recording)
*Noble Beast (Andrew Bird)
*Oohs and Aahs (Say Hi)
*Pink Moon (Nick Drake)
*Pixel Revolt (John Vanderslice)
*Plans (Death Cab)
*Set Yourself On Fire (Stars)
*When the Pawn (Fiona Apple)
*Odessey and Oracle (The Zombies)
*21st Century Breakdown (Green Day) I just downloaded this today and I LOVE IT. To wit: "You are your own worst enemy/Know your enemy."

Other significant artists (those with several songs or very important songs on Reggie, but without full albums): Aimee Mann, Brandi Carlile, selections from the Spring Awakening soundtrack, Elton John, Iron and Wine, Joni Mitchell, Ashlee Simpson, The Kinks, The Lucksmiths, The Magnetic Fields (20+ songs from 69 Love Songs), MGMT, My Chemical Romance, Radiohead, Robyn Hitchcock, The Shins, Simon and Garfunkel, The Smiths, Sufjan Stevens but only kind of because the covert Jesus stuff really bothers me sometimes, Talking Heads, Tom Petty, Tori Amos sort of, and Imogean Heap.

Also "Silent Sigh" and "West Coast," both of which get heavy play.

Yes, this took me way too much time. But know what? I HAVE way too much time.

Feel free to judge. And then tell me what you're listening to, please.

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